Our Ramen, Natural premium ramen, is made from the best ingredients from Japan(90% of all ingredients imported) and is 100% natural ramen with NO MSG.
Its savory broth and fresh noodle brings you a tasty harmoney and our outstanding topping juciy grilled pork melts on your toune and leaves the presure in your mouth.

Lunch Special

Hot Ramen Cold Ramen
Shio Ramen $8.50
Shio Tsukemen $9.00
Shio Chasyumen $9.75
Shio Chasyu Tsukemen $10.75
Shoyu Ramen $8.50
Shoyu Tsukemen $9.00
Shoyu Chasyumen $9.75
Shoyu Chasyu Tsukemen $10.75
Gyolo Ramen $10.50
Hiyashi Chuka$10.00
Miso Ramen $10.50
Vegetable Ramen $8.50
Onigiri Set $3.50